Starting the week with a bank holiday is always fun, until you realise you only have four more days in the week to do five days of work! This one was no exception. Worcester University has been a great and loyal customer this week, with a purchase of two Rotodock pontoons to increase access to their lakes for everyone, and the hire of 180 modular cubes for an assault course raising money for charity this weekend. It was a squeeze getting them all in to the vans, and absolutely swealteringly hot, but we got there with a few bottles of water to keep us going. We look forward to seeing how it went and some fun photos of the day and night!

Oliver went up to Wales for a couple of site visits to firstly, Aquaparks in Cardiff, then a private customer on the west coast. Both of which were very successful. Aquaparks will be installed next week and the private customer is especially keen to get the pontoon in on an awkward cliff face to keep his father enjoying his great hobby of sailing.

As well as this, the install team have been down in Dorset, completing a modular cube build with a load bearing stabalisation unit and all chain weather block to hold a two ton pump. On the way back they popped in to fix a bit of metalwork for a customer and they’ve unloaded a lorry of stock, some of it didn’t even touch the ground here and went straight onto a collection lorry for the Aquaparks install on Monday. That’s how fast we’re working at the moment!

It’s been a fun and busy week and we’re all very much looking forward to the weekend!

Have a good one!

Worcester Uni Rotodock pontoon with gangway
Modular cube pontoon with handrails, with stabalisation unit and chain block
modular cubes on truck for Cardiff