We offer the widest range of pipe and cable flotation systems in the UK.
We stock systems to float pipes and cables from 10mm up to 1000mm in diameter with systems available for sale, and long / short term rental.
Our experienced engineers will be happy to advise as to the most suitable systems and quantity of floats required for your application.
We have Installation teams working throughout the UK if required.


The unique design of UHP Adjustable Pipe Floats gives them unrivalled

With 6 floats in the UHP range we have floats suitable for pipes from 110mm diameter up to 650mm diameter. The foam filled HDPE shells are robust and stable, unsinkable, environmentally


Pipe Diameter 110mm to 140mm
Volume 90ltr
Weight 10kg


Pipe Diameter 150mm to 160mm
Volume 90ltr
Weight 10kg


Pipe Diameter 160mm to 200mm
Volume 170ltr
Weight 14kg


Pipe Diameter 220mm to 280mm
Volume 250ltr
Weight 24kg


Pipe Diameter 300mm to 400mm
Volume 610ltr
Weight 33kg


Pipe Diameter 420mm to 650mm
Volume 986ltr
Weight 70kg


Flootzer cable floats provide robust and stable buoyancy for cables and pipes.

The unique double chamber design of Flootzer floats enables quick and easy installation.
While the high flotation single float in the Flootzer range offers a versatile flotation for a wide range of pipes and cables

  • Manufactured from heavy duty fabric designed specifically for Flootzer floats.
  • Supplied with secure locking air valves with a long life span.
  • Pressure tested during manufacture.
  • Cost effective transportation due to the inflatable design.
  • For sale, or available for long / short term hire.


Versatile pipe float system allowing for the safe floatation of all pipe diameters.

PF250 Pipe Float System allows for one system to fit pipes of any diameter by joining them together with our fully adjustable brackets.

The standard 250mm diameter x 500mm long floats have a buoyancy of 24kg and can be used in configurations of 3 floats upwards.

They can also be built into a 2 x layer ring for heavier loads.

24.5ltr HDPE Cannisters With Load to Sink:
3 Cannister: 73.5kg
5 Cannister: 122.5kg
6 Cannister: 147kg

UK manufactured, available from stock, for sale, or long / short term hire.


Big Floats for BIG pipes

Our range of Clam Shell Pipe floats are designed for pipes of specific sizes, making them an ideal solution for permanent installations.

Consisting of 2 x foam filled HDPE shells that simply bolt together around the pipe to provide large volumes of buoyancy in a very robust system.

  • 220Ltr for 315mm Diameter Pipes with flotation of 185kg
  • 600Ltr for 450mm Diameter Pipes with flotation of 600kg
  • 800Ltr for 600mm Diameter Pipes with flotation of 800kg
  • 800Ltr for 877mm Diameter Pipes with flotation of 800kg
  • 1000Lr for 550mm Diameter Pipes with flotation of 1000kg

The clamshells are manufactured in four different sizes with 220ltr, 600ltr, 800ltr and 1000ltr capacity:

Volume : 220L
Weight : 24kg
Dia : 31.5cm
Volume : 600L
Weight : 63kg
Dia : 45cm
Volume : 800L
Weight : 67kg
Dia : 60cm
Volume : 1000L
Weight : 86kg
Dia : 55cm


Also, for a smaller pipe diameter:

Volume : 800L
Weight : 55kg
Dia : 56.6cm

The modular PF250 floats are 250mm width and 500mm length.

Load to sink SWL (50% capacity) Pipe Dia.
Set of 3 72kg 36kg Up  to 17.5cm
Set of 5 120kg 60kg Up to 31.5cm


Inflatable Cylinder Floats for a wide variety of applications

Our range of Certec Inflatable Cylinder floats are constructed from 1000 gram PVC with HF welded joints, making them very robust and hard wearing.

These floats are designed in either steel or fabric connection eyes making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

From 13mm to 1000mm in Diameter and 1000mm x 10000mm long.


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