A belated Happy New Year to you all!  Apologies for the delayed return, it’s taken a while to get the new year brain back in gear……I know you know that feeling!

So…2022, what will it bring? Well, here at WMS HQ it started with a bang when a huge plasma cutter came into the workshop for some of the team to install. We are often getting asked about bespoke projects, or for bespoke elements to be added to a normal pontoon and having this will mean we can do some bigger work here in the workshop. We have some tremendous welders and fabricators nearby (John at Fresh Fabrications) who we will keep using for the bits we cannot do, but this is a huge step in allowing us a bit more freedom to design and deliver smaller pieces that would otherwise take up the time and expense of doing them elsewhere. An exciting step forward for the team!

Unfortunately we have again been hit with the shipping curse of the past couple of years and the container we were hoping to unload on the 10th we are still waiting for, but despite this we have been able to continue most of the installs, deliveries and collections that were booked in last year. An 8x6m modular cube rental went up to Lincoln for a week of bridge repairs, 120 modular cubes went up to Dartford for the Sea Cadets, a site visit for a huge new village project discussed last year in Birmingham was undertaken a few days before Oliver and Carl went over to the Isle of Wight to meet a few customers over there and plan for their forthcoming year. When the containers arrive we have 550 cubes going to Birmingham and earlier than usual (thankfully!) we have two Jetports going down to Brighton Marina, amongst other jobs bubbling along.

January used to be a time of long lunches and early finishes in this game, but I’m really proud to say that over the last few years, we have grown to a place where we are busy the year through. Of course the summer is bonkers and I can’t say the same for winter, but there’s enough happening to keep our lunches shorter and bottoms on chairs until 5pm!

I hope your 2022 beginnings have been just as fruitful and your resolutions not broken yet! Stay warm and I’ll see you next time……

plasma cutter in workshop