High Visibility Floating Barrier

Used in a variety of areas that need security, high visibility and to show the limit of a specific area, our Floating Barriers are the perfect answer. With 2 sizes of barrier floats we have a system for all locations and requirement. Each module is connected to the next with galvanised chain and the whole barrier is held in place with with a mooring system designed for the specific location. Due to the connectivity of the modules the barriers can be designed specifically to your requirements. Each module can also be separately replaced should any damage occur, without interrupting the barrier’s service. The polyethylene that they are made from, is durable, robust and UV resistant. With their foam filling, they are also practically unsinkable, even when damaged, and have a high buoyancy. Standard or custom warning labels can be applied to the modules and they come in high visibility yellow or red.

Dimensions of modules:

Small Barrier Floats

Diameter : 250mm
Length : 500mm

Large Barrier Floats

Diameter : 900mm
Length : 2000mm

More Info

Custom colours can be ordered as per your requirements, but they will be subject to time and cost variations.


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Download our Datasheets below:

Floating Safety Barriers Datasheet

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floating barriers datasheet