Jetports, Boatlifts, Flexiports & Modular Cube docks

A wide range of docks to keep all watercraft out of the water, from jetskis to 10m ribs.

V Cube Docks

Our modular cube drive on docks can be designed and installed for any length boat from a jetski to a 10m rib. Due to their individually small size, the cubes are your best option for extreme environments, as their flexibility is second to none. The cubes can be double stacked for extra buoyancy if needs be and are easy to install and upgrade to match your requirements. Your modular cube dock can easily be upgraded to include a second or third dock as your PWC collection grows, and can also be connected to Rotodock, or other pontoon systems.

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Cube Roller Docks

Boatlifts and Flexiports are robust, durable platforms, easy to install and versatile. The Boatlift comes with central rollers and side wheels, of which both can be removed and repositioned to suit your particular boat, the Flexiport with just central rollers, but these too can be simply adjusted. Central sections of the flexiport can also be removed if required, to suit the specific docking area. Both docks accommodate boats from 4m to 10m long. Your boat can be accessed on via the modular cubes surrounding the central dock, and this access can be easily extended with further cubes, should you need it. There is also an option with the Boatlift to install an electric or manual winch.

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Jet Ski Ports

One of our most popular items, the jet ski port range are an ideal solution to keeping your ski out of the water, and with the versatility to attach to additional ports, other pontoons and floating platforms, it’s easy to see why. They are easy to install, maintain and amend at a future date if necessary. All ports have sandblasted surfaces to prevent slipping, a design allowing easy drainage of water; and side rollers, protecting the body of the jetski against friction and abrasion.

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About Drive on Docks

Drive on docks keep your boat out of the water and away from the harsh marine environment, allowing maintenance levels to be kept at a minimum.

Jet ski docks are the simplest, most cost effective solution. Which port you need will be subject to your individual PWC and can be discussed over a phone call. No winching or cranking necessary, the ports are so simple to drive on and off, even beginner PWC drivers find it a breeze! All ports have walking space around the edge for ease of access, not only when getting on and off, but also when cleaning, covering and undertaking maintenance. They can easily be connected to other jet ski ports, Rotodock, or modular cubes to create your own custom system if required.

Our boat docks, Boatlift and Flexiport, are both designed for boats of 4m to 10m, and can be installed with ample walking space, to your requirements, with our modular cubes. They both contain fully adjustable central rollers to suit your specific craft and the Boatlift also has adjustable side wheels for further ease of dock and launch. These docks are made from extremely durable and robust HDPE (high density polyethlene) and both have graduated modules at the entrance, a bow section (optional on the Flexiport) are easy to install, and the versatility to attach to a number of other floating platforms. All of which combine to create a superior drive on dock experience, from installation through use, and even to upgrading.

Our final option for Drive on Docks is from our modular cube system and V Cube Docks. These can be completely custom built to suit your watercraft. They can be double stacked for extra buoyancy, and made as wide or long as your craft requires. The cubes contain lugs which when removed enable them to fill with water to the required amount, allowing us to taper your dock for ease for entrance and exit. The V cubes don’t contain rollers or wheels, but winches can be attached if needed. Due to the small size of each cube, this would be the best option if your boat is to be docked in extreme environments, as together, they create an incredibly flexible platform, allowing for the natural movement of waves underneath.