This week I decided it might be helpful for you to see a few FAQ’s that you ask us to ensure you’re getting the best possible solution, and also a few that we find ourselves asking quite often!


·         I’d like a pontoon on our lake, to sit and enjoy the summer evenings, what’s the best system?

Ans: Decked Rotodock. If budget is an issue, this can simply be made without the decking. We offer a variety of different woods for the decking which cater to different tastes and budgets too. Accessories like handrails, ladders (both wooden and HDPE, depending on the pontoon) and lights can finish the look beautifully, but as you know, accessories are completely your choice. You can expect decked pontoons to almost double the cost of the pontoon underneath.


·         The plastic you use is very un-environmentally friendly isn’t it?

Ans: Not completely. We know plastic is not the most popular material at the moment, but all our HDPE pontoons and accessories can be fully recycled. The chances of them breaking and floating off into the sea or surrounding waterway, is incredibly slim due to their robust connectors and of course they are all moored into place, so would have to drag anchors and chain (and possibly even piles) out with them.


·         I just need a temporary pontoon for clearing weed along a river bank, what do you suggest?

Ans: 90% of our rental pontoons are modular cubes. They are easily dismantled and reconfigured to allow you to move them as you wish. A couple of cleats will help you moor safely, but be temporary enough to allow you to move along at your own pace. We do have a few Rotodocks that can be rented, but these will be for site specific jobs.


·         How much is it to buy a pontoon?

Ans: How long is a piece of string?! This is very dependant on what you’re after, the use of the pontoon, the location, the moorings etc etc. A small 3m x 2m platform without any accessories (eg a temporary working platform or something for your lake for children to play on in the summer) can be in the region of £2000 – £4000. A pontoon of about 20m x 2m with cleats and handrails (eg a sailing club pontoon/a mooring area for a busy river) would be about £20,000 – £30,000. Then of course your big decked constructions for marinas and larger projects can be anything up to and beyond £100K. Please always ask and we will endeavour to fit your budget with your needs.

·         Do you do site visits?

Ans: Yes, absolutely. We think it’s a great idea for us to come and see your location so we can build a system that we know will work in the best possible way for you. We charge a small fee (£50-£100 usually) to come out, but this is fully refundable against your final invoice if you choose to go ahead.


Some information we need from you to help you as promptly as possible:

·         What is the location of the pontoon?

·         How deep is the water?

·         Are there tidal fluctuations, or water level rises and falls?

·         What is the bed and bank material made up of?

·         Is there good access to the floating site for a flatbed truck (or two) for us to install?

·         If not, is there a slipway nearby we can use?

·         Would you like any accessories?

·         What will the pontoon be used for?

·         Will this be a temporary or permanent pontoon?


I hope that all helps you a little when you contact us. We are always keen to get stuck into new projects, so don’t be afraid to ask if we can do something that might be a little ‘out there’ or ‘impossible’ . It’s amazing what can be achieved with a little thought and a lot of teamwork!

Have a super dooper weekend! Wrap up warm!