Oh how we’d all love to have been outside at the beginning of the week, although those outside were wanting to be inside, out of the heat. We just can’t win with the English weather can we? Hot beating sunshine or torrential rain. Oh well, Keep Calm and Carry On and all that!

The WMS install teams kept going throughout, with jobs in Cardiff, Bisham, Worcester, Guildford, Tattershall, Warsash, Waltham Abbey, Kent, Kingston and Poole. Almost the whole range of products has been out, both purchases and hiring, Rotodock, Cubes and Jetports. Bridges have been built, pontoons floated, handrails attached, piles installed. It’s peak time for us and with a few new hands on board, we’re keeping on top of it despite the frustrations that many of you will also have encountered accompanying Brexit and Covid.

Wardle Marine Services, now in it’s 14th year, is growing. We have another team for installs and are moving over to an updated accounting system. The business is going through changes and it’s an exciting time, especially after the year we’ve all experienced. We (internationally) seemed so unsure of the future, where we would be in a week, a month, or even a year and to be able to come out of that and expand the business is something we at WMS are all very proud of. The office team have worked tirelessly on all your enquiries, ensuring that we can get your platforms to you as quickly as possible amongst the last minute changes and quite frankly, the chaos of the shipping industry over the last few months! Our install teams have also accepted these changes to their schedules, sometimes when on site, or on a delivery, with the patience and vigour to just crack on and get things done as best they can.

We have grown from a one man band to a team of eight and look forward to further growth through the coming years. We have worked hard and it’s hugely thanks to you, because if you hadn’t made the initial enquiry and granted us with your trust to build your Rotodocks, Modular Cubes, Decked Pontoons, Jetports etc, we wouldn’t have been able to grow. We are very aware that this is a two way street and are very grateful for your loyalty along the way!

Enjoy your weekends whatever Mother Nature throws at us. As the old saying goes: ‘When there is rain, look for rainbows!’.

Modular cube pontoon with gangway, handrails and cleats Aquaparks, Cardiff
Rotodock pontoon with handrails for sailing school
Flexiport Drive on Dock floating platform in Warsash
Bridge repaired with wooden decking planks