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Yes, we have a number of different post options available.

We have a number of options depending on the location including anchors, piles, stiff arms and Seaflex.

We offer a full installation service should you require it, but are also more than happy to supply the pontoon for customer installation.

Yes, we hold a large stock of both Rotodock and modular cubes as well as all accessories and tools needed, for both long and short term hire.

It depends on its use and your budget. A pressure treated softwood offers very good value for money but will degrade and go slippery over time. The other end of the price scale is Millboard decking, which not only looks great, is non slip and will not degrade. There are then a number of options in-between.

We have a number of options including aluminium, galvanized steel, recycled plastic and stainless steel depending on the application.

The modular cubes can support 363kg per square metre.

The unique design of the underside of Rotodock makes it incredibly stable as it creates a vacuum onto the surface of the water.

The modular cube weighs 7kg.

Any jet ski or boat up to 10 metres depending on model of craft.

Any shape can be made to customers requirement.