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We are very proud to offer what we feel is the best range of modular pontoon system available.

RotoDock Pontoons

Unrivalled stability and a wide range of accessories make RotoDock ideal for flat water locations.

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Modular Cube Pontoons

Fast and easy to install to virtually any shape and the ability to withstand rough water.

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Decked Pontoons

Based on RotoDock to provide the flotation our decked pontoons are custom built to your exact specifications.

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Marine Dock

The Marine Dock is a stunning pontoon, built to spec to suit all of your project requirements.

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About Pontoons

Whether you need a pontoon for rough waters or to find your own piece of private tranquility, you can be assured that the most durable pontoon system for your requirements will be installed. Rotodock is best for calm waters, whereas the cubes can withstand high gale force winds and waves in the sea. Pontoons can be used for a variety of uses, including on private lakes and ponds, allowing access as a public walkway, to hold marquees and stages for events, and as floating sundecks in recreational areas. On the commercial side, they can be a platform for workers, as well as machinery, holding up to 350 kg per square metre per layer.

Rotodock is made from Linear Low Density Polyethylene, and the cubes from High Density Polyethlene, both of which are corrosion resistant, robust materials with a high density to strength ratio. They are both easily installed by our team of engineers and can be expanded (or decreased) to match your requirements. Various accessories that can be easily fitted and maintained, such as handrails, cleats, fenders, gangways, anchorage, lights and ladders, can be connected to the systems. Both systems can also be connected to jet ski docks, drive on docks and each other, if needed.