Jetport, Jetport Plus and Jetport Max

Our jet ski ports come in a range of sizes to suit your requirements. The Jetport, Jetport Plus and Jetport Max. All ports are produced with rotation technology and are connected at specific points in their lower and surface layers, so achieving durability and resistance. The ports are also injected with polystyrene, which makes each port more resilient against impact and weight. Each port will respond to changes in water levels, protecting your PWC against wind, waves and the harsh marine environment. Custom spaces can be designed, installed and achieved to your personal requirements, thanks to various connecting units allowing the port to connect to modular cubes, Rotodock and other ports. Sandblasted surfaces prevent slipping while the rollers and wheels provide ease of launch and recovery and protect the ski from friction and abrasion. On the Jetport Plus, the wheels are removable, enabling you to adjust them to fit your ski model and the design gives better rigidity and distribution of load. On top of these aspects, the Jetport Max has extra width for ease of movement and UV stabilizers, making it virtually maintenance free.

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Due to their popularity, we hold as many Jetports in stock as possible, so they can be readily available for you.  Should you need more than one they can be easily connected and installed using rubber couplers.

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Download our data sheets below:

Jetski Ports Datasheet

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