Hello again! I’ve been looking back at what was happening last year and there we were preparing for Seaworks 2020, having an incredibly busy start to the year with a huge variety of installs, deliveries and orders coming through. We were almost completely oblivious to phrases like ‘lockdown’, ‘furlough’, ‘self isolation’ and ‘covid 19’. What a difference a year makes.

Now, we are on our third lockdown and everyone’s a bit tired of it. But! Onto the pontoons. We are very grateful that we have been able to continue working as such. Of course we are doing less, but we are ticking along and keeping funds coming in. As usual, people are gearing up for Spring and Summer on the water and we’ve had a tremendous amount of orders which will keep us extremely busy as soon as we are all back at the yard. Approximately four containers will be ordered, filled with Jetports, Boatlifts, Flexiports and of course an abundance of Rotodock and Cubes. We are seeing the light and hoping the new rules will allow us to fulfil our hopes.

To remind you of these products, either click on the hyperlinks, or, for a quick overview:

Jetports: We have four models of Jetport, all with a tapered entrance and a raised stopper to stop you overshooting the dock. The Original, which is popular with ski schools and comes with central rollers to ease your ski onto the dock. This is our budget model. The Jetport Plus is far and away our most popular. Only slightly more expensive than the Original, it comes with a V shaped entrance and adjustable wheels. The Jetport Max is the same as the Plus, but with an extra 500mm width for those needing extra space for either their ski or accessibility. The final, most modern version, is our Jetport Flexi which is a modular port with a bow, entrance, and as many middle sections as required. These can be built for skis or boats and of course can accommodate a change in ski size without you having to buy a whole new port, simply by increasing or reducing the number or size of the middle sections.

Drive on Docks: Our Boatlifts and Flexiports are the Drive on Docks that will lift your boat fully out of the water. Both are built around the same design of central modules surrounded by modular cubes. The Boatlift modules are 1m sq and have a central roller and six adjustable wheels to accommodate your specific boat. These modules are better for deeper hulls. The Flexiport modules are .5m x 1m and have just the central roller. Due to their smaller size, they are more flexible in wavier waters, and being flatter, this is also the go-to dock for flatter hulls.

Pontoons: Rotodock is our large modular pontoon design. The sections come in four different sizes (3mx2m, 3mx1.5m, 3mx1m and 1mx1.5m) to make almost any size and shape pontoon you need. Due to their large size, this pontoon is far sturdier than cubes and also the best one to use for our decked pontoon base. The Modular Cubes on the other hand, are .5msq and far more flexible than the Rotodock, so better in rougher waters. Again, almost any size and shape can be built from the cubes, they are an extremely versatile product. Both designs come with a variety of accessories, including ladders, handrails, cleats and fenders.

Please ask if you have any questions on these products or if you need help starting or finalizing a project design. We are always happy to help and excited to see your ideas come to life!

Keep going everyone, we can see the light now. Stay strong and safe.

Modular Jetport Flexi in Haslar Marina
modular cubes, sunnydock, building a swimming pool in Doncaster.