It seems a little strange to say it out loud, but this will be my last blog post as I’m off to pastures new and my last day here will be Wednesday 9th. From next week onwards Simon will be writing the blogs and keeping you updated on what we have going on.

I thought I’d look back over the last four years and show you how we’ve grown.

When I began back in August 2018 it was just four of us – Oliver, Nerys, Chris and I and we all chipped in and helped with everything. Oliver and Chris would do most of the installs, but I helped on a few of them when needed. We all chipped in on stock takes and arranging each job, and after a few months I started marketing on the digital side with social media and blog posts. Shortly after this, at the beginning of 2019 (if I remember correctly) we became the sole UK distributor for PMS which was a great boost. The variety of products we were able to offer grew, and we had a number of solutions for a single project, giving customers choice and a bit more freedom when planning their pontoon systems.

We had just found the wonderful Pontoons Ireland and asked them to be our Irish distributor when that fateful date in March 2020 came around and locked us all inside our homes. I won’t dwell on it, but after all the worry of small businesses not making it through, we did. We carried on and came out stronger (I think) and soon our team grew yet again. Through this year, Oliver started planning and designing some new pipe floats as we were getting a lot of enquiries, but the floats we had available were too big. The new ‘PF250s’ were manufactured and tested at the end of 2020 with first sales going out around Spring 2021.

Three and a half years on from my arrival, the team has more than doubled in size and WMS is not looking like it’s calming down any time soon! It’s been such a fun time and really rewarding to see the company grow as it has. I now pass the baton over to Simon, who I know will keep you updated as I have and enjoy the many differing aspects of the role.

Thank you for reading and keeping the comments coming in, both here and on social media. It’s been good to ‘meet’ who I’m writing/talking to!

Have a wonderful time on your boats and enjoy the Springtime warmth luring you into the warmer waters of Summer fun…….