Pipe Floats, Wave Breakers and Safety Barriers

Our commercial equipment has been tried and tested in a variety of projects, such dredging and drain of waste materials (pipe floats), breaking the energy of waves coming into harbours and coves (wave breakers) and creating a barrier in the open oceans where high visibility is compulsory (safety barriers).

Floating Wave

Wave breaks can be used as attenuators or as security barriers, with four different configurations to choose from to suit your requirements.

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Our industrial Pipe Floats are used predominantly for dredging works and on sewage pipes. They are filled with polyurethane or polystyrene, so will continue to float even if cracked or damaged.

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Floating Safety

Safety Barriers are designed for you to set your own specific limits and provide low to medium security on the seas, lakes or in marinas. They are also invaluable in areas where high visibility is compulsory.

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About Marine Equipment

Our commercial marine equipment is dominated by Wave Breakers, Pipe Floats and Safety Barriers. Each has their own specified use, and all are made from HDPE (high density polyethylene) and so are extremely durable, reliant, robust and corrosion resistant.

Wave Breakers can reduce the energy of a wave by up to 90%, making them superb for use around coves, marinas, harbours and residential areas. They can also accommodate signage, navigation lights and razor wire and thus have been used for military projects. With four different layering options, they are used in different conditions and can be the perfect answer for a steadfast security barrier, restricting watercraft from entering a specific area.

Pipe Floats are commonly used for dredging and sewage pipes and with a filling of polyurethane or polystyrene, are resistant to sinking, should they get cracked or damaged. Three different sizes are readily available, but others can be manufactured according to customer requirements, subject to varying costs and wait times.

Safety Barriers allow you to set the limits you require on open waters and are a fantastic product to use in areas where high visibility would be compulsory. The units are joined together by a galvanised chain and clamps. The complete barrier is created by the combination of many different units making it easy to fix without compromising the whole structure, should any part be damaged or broken. It is held in place by use of anchors and the units can be produced in standard yellow, orange and white, as well as custom colours should you need them so.