These last couple of weeks have been a real variety of work. With supplies and shipping affecting us all the world over, a few things have needed to be moved or delayed, but we have also managed to get a lorry in and some new stock out. Rentals have come and gone again, three ongoing jobs have been finished and we have welcomed a couple of new starters to the team! I’m sure you have all experienced the downside to the recent supply issues, but we have to keep looking at the positives.

So….The fun filled Aquaparks in Cardiff hosted our install team for a few days to get their modular cube entrance pontoon with handrails and gangways in place. This will allow their customers to walk towards the edge of the activity area without the pain of pebbles underfoot, and jump straight into the fun! A 3m x 9m handrailed walkway opens up to a 24m wide platform for the adventure seekers to prepare themselves for the soaking, or grab a hot drink and refuel afterwards. A great project for the WMS teams that has no doubt already given Aquapark’s customers a far easier and softer entrance and exit.

We installed a big stretch of 15 drive on docks, both Flexiports and Boatlifts, for Marine Matters down in Warsash about a month ago and after renting them out, the owner has asked for a few adjustments to be made to suit his individual clients. One of our teams went down and extended some docks, moved others and reduced the length of a few to suit their needs. Ensured that the Marine Matters team were happy, they returned to WMS HQ and began work on a brand new project.

In the beautiful town of Marlow in Buckinghamshire, a private client requested a few different pontoons and 250m safety barrier to stretch across his lake. One 6m x 2m Rotodock pontoon with a ladder, cleats and a 4m gangway for better and easier access into the lake; a 4m x 4m Rotodock platform with cleats and piles for better walking and access space to a Jetport and to finish, the replacement of an old jetty with another Rotodock platform.

These were the big finishers among an array of smaller deliveries, site visits and installs.

You may remember back in February we donated a 3m x 2m Rotodock platform to Shepreth Wildlife Park so the keepers could cross the lake to Lemur Island. The old pontoon was rapidly wearing out and after 2020, funds were stretched incredibly thin and we answered a call to help. Well, today, some of the team have gone to Shepreth to meet the keepers and lemurs on an all exclusive day out, courtesy of the fantastic (and very generous) team up there as a thank you. I’ll be able to write more about that when they return and I have more details!

Have a wonderful weekend one and all – may the summer sunshine return!

Marine Matters Drive on docks
Rotodock hammerhead pontoon and safety barrier Marlow
Aquaparks Cardiff Rotodock pontoon with handrails, cleats and gangway