What a week! The team all went to Wales for one of our clients up there, which is always a big job, either putting it together and getting it in the water or taking it out and dismantling, it’s a monster of a pontoon and all those that can go, do. It’s a lovely spot and well worth the intensive work to enjoy the beach time and fresh Welsh breezes in the evenings.  Someone though, has to stay to hold the fort, so it’s been a lonely (cue small violin please), but busy week in the office while I received images of the beautiful beach, rough Autumnal swell and the team hard at work.

Security modular cube pontoon

Each June we go up to build a configuration of pontoons decided the year before, usually consisting of about 3000 cubes, with all accessories and moorings. It takes a few days to get the whole pontoon/all of the pontoons (configuration dependent) ready for action, then with the help of a local farmer and the boatyard owner, we get the pontoon from it’s ‘storage field’ to the beach, when the tide allows, and then once checked over, attached to a boat ready to tow out to site. This can be an arduous journey for the team, usually its pretty choppy, with some good strong winds blowing through and a bit of rain. Not every time, but usually. Once at site, they set it in position and get the anchors down…62 of them this year, so no quick or easy task. Generally, once the team are back on land after this day, it’s a bit of a collapse and early bed time!

Towing modular cubes to site

A few months later, about now, the team go up to do it all in reverse. Two came back on Wednesday to continue with other jobs booked in, and two stayed to complete the dismantelling and we shall see them again on Monday. A beautiful place, but hard work, one to go back to outside work time!

Ahhh, to dream of a holiday……Happy weekend one and all !

PS: If you’re keen on seeing the swell when the pontoon was being towed back to shore, have a look on our You Tube channel, instagram and facebook pages.