So this afternoon, Chris and Stuart will return as heros, having spent a couple of weeks down at a job in Langport. Various factors have forced back and forth movements but they’ve been in it for the long haul and done a tremendous job down there.

A couple of years ago we received a tender for four pontoons along the river to increase public access, for kayaking, fishing and enjoying the waterway. We won the contract (hooray!) and about a year later, when they were ready to begin, went down for a site visit to assess the area, meet the client and discuss details. We have now installed two 6m x 2m pontoons and two 3m x 2m pontoons, all with stiff arm moorings, gangways and handrails. A lot of work for the boys, but they’ve smashed it! Apparentely in the pub one evening (they’ve been staying down there) the locals were full of admiration and loving the work, one man, a regular kayaker was filled to the brim with praise and said ‘I nearly always fall into the water when I get out, and I didn’t tonight, so this is GREAT!’ …. He also admitted that he’s usually ‘had a few’, so his previous sentence began to make a lot more sense!! It always makes jobs so much better when you receive thanks directly from the people that use the product, doesn’t it? The boys have fully earned all the praise, working like troupers to get it all done.

This week, although we have rented out and received back a lot of rental modular cubes, Rotodock pontoons have dominated, with Chris and Stuart being on the Langport job, Oliver and I went down to Fareham Sailing Club to check on their 24m pontoon, installed a few weeks ago, where they are now thinking of adding in a drive on dock. We had a truck load of 3m x 2m sections head off to Scotland yesterday morning and the barn is looking a little bare! Luckily we have another container due in ten days which should fill us up again, ready for the September boom after the August holiday lull.

Come to think of it, jetwashing has been a huge part of this week too. 400 rental cubes came back with their accessories and the washer has been on almost permanently, scrubbing them down ready for their next outing. One morning we had 400 returning and 50 going out at the same time. I’m not sure our neighbours knew what was going on!

It might have been a four day week, but we’ve certainly made up for lost time and are eagerly awaiting the weekend now. What are you up to? Let us know on social media, we’re on Instagram and Facebook mainly. It’s always nice to hear from you!

Langport Rotodock from above
Langport 6x2m with stiff arms, handrails and gangway