Superstitious? Happy Friday 13th! How’s your week been? We are calming down from the crazy summer, but still the boys are out each day, staying overnight where needs be and getting chest high covered in mud….

So, off to Brentford they went on Monday, to install a long, winding modular cube pontoon through ‘a bit of a bog’ for our client to perform core sampling. We daren’t ask what they found! This was a 24hour job, so Tuesday was all about getting deep down and muddy again, dismantling it, loading up and coming back to base. It’s always interesting on the rental jobs, seeing the variety of jobs people do and how our pontoons can be used.

Wednesday and Thursday was another rental job, down in Maidstone, for a The Wright Event who, I believe, had a corporate team building, raft building and race day going on. The 1.5m x 40m pontoon went in easily on Wednesday, then on Thursday it had to be removed in 1.5hours or less to enable the teams to race on the lake! Our team of three managed this in one hour 20minutes – phew! – and made their way back to base through a jam on the M26. Oh dear.

Friday has now been allocated a prep/planning/organization day. If possible, the install team stay at HQ and we have a big old sort out of the barn, stock, the next week’s jobs and just try to get ahead of ourselves. So while the sun is shining, cubes, rotodocks, connecting parts, gangways, accessories, metalwork….all sorts!…. are going in and out of the barn as the boys count, sort and prepare it all for the stock take and next week. We also had another big rental job confirmed, and I discovered that fear of Friday 13th is called ‘Paraskevidekatriaphobia’. so it was a productive day all round!

We have a holiday, a wedding, gardening, decorating, dog sitting, bathroom renovating and a bit of chill time planned for the weekend. How about you? No doubt with all that, we’ll all come back on Monday more tired than we are today! Hopefully the sun will stay, so get outside and enjoy it!

The Wright Event - 1.5x40m modular cube pontoon
Modular cube system, Brentford