Apologies for being a few days late in posting, I have no excuses. But Happy Monday…what a wonderful Saturday we had, and what a gorgeous Autumnal chill there is in the morning air now. Is summer really leaving?

Last week was a cracker, with Chris eating cheese and drinking wine in France, it meant we had one less installer and thus things went a little slower, but still busy. A few trips down to the coast, a couple of big collections for deliveries and a chat with a new part time employee who is going to help us grow…but more on him later. Things are moving forward, changing, and we are slowly but surely growing as a business. We’re at the time when a small business becomes a little bit bigger and workflows and processes need updating and amending to allow for the growth and new employees. It’s so exciting, but does require a lot of reflection and thought on what we do, how we do it and where we need to make changes, which is not necessarily an easy assessment to make. Already we have a few thoughts on how to improve certain workflows, how to ensure that WMS holds the same values and any changes don’t affect the way we treat our customers. It’s always interesting to hear what you think, so if you would like to let us know how you feel, have any thoughts or constructive criticism, let us know. It’s imperative to keep you all happy as best we can, so let us know! sales@wardlemarineservices.co.uk.

In other news, we not only went to Christchurch and Poole, and a rental job in Aldershot, we also had a huge container in, so with that and the subsequent the stock take done, we are once more fully stocked for you, but be quick!

Enjoy your week, let’s hope it’s not wet all week, although I hear it may well be, so take your waterproofs to work just in case….

Modular cube delivery
Jetport delivery Sept 19