This week, we hit the ground running. With an early beginning on Monday to load the van for a delivery of Rotodock with a gangway and mooring to get up to Essex and back via a rental collection from Uxbridge. It was all go, and with Oliver doing another site visit down in Christchurch and a small addition to our New Forest pontoon on the way back, Monday came and went in the blink of an eye bolt.

Chris and Stuart loaded up and headed on their way for a week long job in Langport with a couple of Rotodock 3m x 2m sections with a gangway, moorings and handrails on Tuesday morning, while the office had a fairly quiet day….I presume it’s that August holiday feeling amongst us isn’t it?! Plenty of enquiries coming in, but it’s just been a little quieter…..maybe it’s just the torrential rain that’s put people off getting in the water…. You tell me!

Wednesday bought the install boys back with a faulty machine (it’s not all smooth sailing) that needed to be exchanged, trips out to collect various pieces of metalwork, packing a pallet, and re-loading the van for Thursday’s trip back to Langport. There’s a lot to get down there! That evening consisted of TV catch ups and films, curled up on the sofa like it was winter…all that drizzle, rain and a real autumnal feel in the air bought even the gardeners amongst us inside

The sun returned on Thursday! Hooray! Chris and Stuart returned to Langport and the rest of us continued with deliveries and collections, estimates, invoices, plans, stock, the wasps and general merriment in the office. Along came Friday and we did more of the same….welcomed the boys back from Langport with open arms, finished off admin bits, completed our stock take and prepared for next week. August has been kind so far; enough to keep us busy, but not so much to have us climbing the walls. Time to catch up and keep going!

Don’t forget about August monthly offer: Free chain with security barriers, this month only. Give us a call to discuss securing an area of your water.

Let’s hope Thursday’s sun returns and the black clouds move on over the weekend. Have a productive one, it’s nearly bank holiday when you can be lazy!

Langport Mooring