This week we’re going to get all commercial on you and bring in the big stuff!

Our monthly offer for August is giving you free chain with the security barriers. They are a commercial product, and each module is HUGE! Measuring 190cm x 95cmx 95cm; as a set they are a terrific barrier against small boats. Each module is connected to the next with galvanised chain and clamps, and the whole structure is anchored to the sea bed so you can create a completely customised barrier for the area you wish to secure.  The modules are manufactured from polyethlene, which is highly durable and UV resistant. They come filled with polyurethane so if any damage should occur to the outer structure, the module will continue to float, until such a time that the damaged module is replaced. There is no need to replace the whole barrier if damage occurs, we can simply detach the effected module and replace that single piece. The safety barriers are commonly used in areas where high visibility is compulsory, such as the sea, output channels and dams, but of course they can be installed wherever you need them!

We supply many other commercial items, such as Wave Breaks, that create a barrier for harbours and other such structures. They can be configured in a variety of designs dependant on the specific area it will be protecting. These can also be used as barriers against larger vessels.

Pipe floats used in dredging and sewage removal are a popular product and come in three different sizes: 600L, 800L and 1000L, but can be custom made to your specific job. In a similar structure to the safety barriers, they are made of polyethylene and filled with polyurethane to ensure a continuous floatation even if damage should occur.

Lane markers, mussel buoys, mooring buoys and debris barriers are also available. Our engineering and installation teams pride themselves on creating bespoke solutions for a variety of marine jobs… if nothing else it makes the daily jobs a bit more exciting!

Enjoy your weekends one and all!

Quintet module Wave Break
Pipe Floats