We all know that’s true don’t we? Soon it will be time for wrapping up in your best windproof gear and embracing the blasting winds as you walk along the seafront watching the waves crashing against the shore; whether it be sand, pebbles or bricks and mortar. Fingers crossed it’ll be fresh, bracing winds, and not the destroying waves of past years that took away cliff edges and the railway line down in Cornwall.

It just so happens that we have just the thing to help those of you needing to protect the shoreline from ‘the destroyers’. Our Wave Breaks come in a variety of different formations, single rows to formations of seven modules. Usually, when used in the smaller formations, they are a barrier against water craft, but in the larger formations, they become impressive wave attenuators. They can be used in any marine environment, from residential to military applications and can accommodate signage, navigation lights and razor wire if needed. Each module is connected to the next with two or more stainless steel cables housed inside an HDPE rubber sleeve. They are 80cm x 35cm or 115 x 50cm, so you can imagine what seven of these connected together looks like! Due to the enormity of these systems, pricing is given upon application, so do feel free to ask any questions, give us details of where you need this to be and we’ll take it from there for you.

If you don’t need something of such a scale, we can also provide a layer or two of cubes, or a safety barrier (POA) which again, usually act as watercraft barriers, but can diffuse smaller waves too.

Now I feel I’ve bought you down with all this talk of bad weather, so let’s get out and enjoy the sunshine and keep everything crossed that the sun stays for the Bank Holiday!

Have a great long weekend, one and all!

Quintet module Wave Break
Wave Break formation