This week has been a little calmer, thankfully, but still busy enough to keep us on our toes.

We began doing a stock take of the enormous amount of products that came in at the end of last week. The barn needed a good sort out and it got it! With all that’s booked to go out, we will only be keeping about a quarter of what came in for future orders, but with another container in the process of being ordered already, it won’t be long before we’re at it again.

The boys had a few outings, installs and drop offs. To Bristol they ventured with a small rental cube pontoon with handrails to assist a team undertaking some forestry work on an island.  Then a few days later, they were off to Poole with some new Rotodock platforms to be added to an existing site, at Parkstone Bay Marina. They have also begun to manufacture a 3m x 1.5m hardwood decked pontoon for Oxford Preservation Trust, which will be delivered in the next few weeks.

In the container we also received a few demo parts. One Security Barrier module, one of the smaller Pipe Floats (‘smaller’; we had to take out the bolts and halve it to get it through the office door!) and a couple of example parts of Marine Dock, all of which will help us understand our new products, and also anyone that stops by, who can see them and their actual (slightly overwhelming!) size. The security barrier module is a huge red circular float (in the picture below) measuring 190cm x 95cm x 95cm. The modules are connected with galvanized chain and clamps to create the full barrier which acts as a medium force security barrier on the seas. It’s one thing to tell you the size, and another to be stood next to one! The Pipe Float we have is one of the small examples. It would fit a pipe with a diameter of 31.5cm and is a 600L capacity. These can be custom made to fit your requirements, but will obviously need a longer lead time than a usual order. As the name suggests, the bright yellow Floats (image below) are used to keep a variety of different pipes afloat during their job, they remain unconnected but work together as a set. Marine Dock (seen below, part of a full structure) is similar to our popular decked pontoons, but built with an aluminium frame and fully non-slip decking. With the variety of accessories, they are a robust and durable option for customers needing larger decked structures.

As always, please ask if you have any questions, or just stop by for a cuppa and a look at our new demo products. Enjoy your weekends!