What a week! We have been really busy, February is usually quieter, but I guess the sun has got people thinking about summer and the water…..great for us!

On Monday Chris and Ciarran set an early alarm for a trip to The Serpentine to meet Phoslock who needed a platform to spread their algae control on the lake. They chose Rotodock with handrails for it’s sturdy structure to hold their one tonne bags. They also needed a few bespoke pieces of metal work (rudders, an outboard, brackets) which we put together for them. Being an Australian company, it’s a little more tricky to bring all their equipment with them than it would be otherwise! Chris showed them how to put the Rotodock system together, and off they went! All was well and the job completed in good time for the equipment to be collected on Friday morning, before Chris and Ciarran returned to the yard to help empty a container full of goodies (Jetports and more Rotodock mainly) for future jobs.

In between Monday and Friday, the boys went to Chippenham to fully install and remove (in one day!) a rental platform for a customer needing to carry out bridge repairs.  A 5m x 5m modular cube system with handrails was used for this one. Oliver went to Gloucester on a site visit to assess ease of access and installation for a few mooring points along a river, and amongst all this, the general day to day running of WMS continued without a hitch.

With Amos and Jesse spending a full afternoon outside in the sunshine, we have decided that Spring has officially arrived!

We hope you have enjoyed some warm sunshine time too, and do get your orders in for Spring/Summer 2019 while you think about it. At this rate the current stock will be out before we blink! Don’t forget our February offer on Flexiports..now’s the time to get 10% off!