It’s been a little quiet this week, but still jobs have been moving around. A couple of rentals were delivered and collected, and the team are currently removing a seasonal pontoon from the Isle of Wight. Having woken to calm blue skies, we have just received a photo of a less than calm bay over there……. We wish them well from the office!

Speaking of weather patterns, I have been thinking about our environment recently. The COP26 is happening next week in Glasgow where hopefully our world leaders will agree on a few ways we can all go forward protecting the planet. Last night I watched the Earth Shot prize, which was quite an incredible hour of information. I’m not really one for big galas and fancy awards ceremonies, but the essence of what these scientists, engineers and normal folk like you and I, are doing and achieving in the name of our planet is quite incredible.

Now I know I can hear some of you: ‘says she working for a company that puts plastic directly into the ocean’, and yes, our pontoons are HDPE and yes, some are floating in the sea, but when they are removed from the water, they are all fully recyclable, as are 90% of their accessories. We also hire pontoons, ensuring they are used until they are completely unusable, rather than selling to customers who are only going to use it for a week or two then put it in recycling. Our Easyfloat pontoons were even tested by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and they concluded: “Easyfloat will have no or negliable impact on the environment during it’s service lifetime”, which we believe is pretty impressive engineering and one of the reasons we were so keen to stock it.

Of course we can always do more, and we believe that even the smallest daily practices can help the effort. We each bring in our lunch (most days) reducing the plastic supermarket waste and the need to drive and add to the air pollution. Over the last few years we have started eating local, seasonal produce, shopping more at farm shops and less at supermarkets. Where possible we car share, and our big rubbish bins are only collected when they’re full, rather than half empty each week.  What are you all doing to reduce your environmental impact? Let us know and maybe we could add your ideas to our routines!

Have a wonderfully environmentally friendly weekend!