First thing Friday morning and our heads are filled with what to do if someone collapses, has an eye injury, head injury, is poisoned, goes into shock and how to perform CPR…’s a bit full on! Fear not, none of this has happened but we had first aid training yesterday and if nothing else, we are all very confident in calling the emergency services and letting them talk us through the situation. In itself, I think this is a big step, as I am certainly a freez-er and panicker and now feel far happier that my memory would kick in and I could actually help in some way (even if this is just using my phone and getting paramedics in quicker than I would have before) rather than standing over a casualty and kicking myself for not doing a course.

So that was Thursday! Have you all seen our Wardle Wednesday videos? They’re short little reels to give you an insight to WMS. You should learn a little about us, our products and what we do. They are posted on Facebook, Instagram and You Tube, so hopefully they will be informative for many! Please do leave any feedback you have, with suggestions if you’d like to see a demo of a certain product, more of one thing, less of something else. We won’t respond to trolls, but I’m sure most of you are pretty awesome people!

This week started with a delivery of three Jetports up to Seven Lakes in Lincolnshire, but since then has been very much about rentals. We collected a big set of cubes with solid handrails from Addlethorp; delivered to Reading a 7.5m x 2.5m with two rows worth of low profile cubes for the customer to interchange if needed, and loaded another truck up with a 5m x 5m pontoon including a ladder and handrails for a delivery first thing Monday to Slough. The Jetwasher was out in force getting a smaller set tidied up to go out early next week too. While some of the team were doing deliveries, our wonderful in house welder made a bespoke hinge for a customer up in Essex who is creating a larger gangway for her pontoon. Did you get to Ocean Business this week? One of our Rotodock systems was down there, enabling visitors to view demos and boats along the waterside.

It’s all go! How have your weeks been? Let us know how you are and of course if you have any questions. Are you planning ahead for next Spring? Please give us a heads up if you require (or are thinking about) upgrading your space to include a pontoon, jetports, walkways etc. Spring is always extremely busy and there’s only so much we can fit in a container – which are still affected by shipping issues – so get any queries in quickly and we’ll help you to get your gear up and running in time for the new season!

Wishing you all warm and cosy weekends!

Rotodock pontoon craned into Ocean Business 2021. Southampton NOC
Rotodock pontoon for Ocean Business 2021
Rental modular cubes with handrails in Reading