How was Halloween and Bonfire Night? Do you celebrate them? I’ve always thought how amazing it must be to watch fireworks over water with their reflections, which I’m guessing a few of you did. Dare I say how the year has flown and is it really almost time for Father Christmas to drop in again?!

Celebrations aside, we’re building up for a good start to 2022. This year we are very glad to say that against the rumours, we have not only survived, but been really busy. The last couple of months have given us a little breathing space, but still the teams have been on site, installing, removing, upgrading. These last few weeks have been mainly about cubes. To begin, we upgraded a few of the Drive on Docks at Marine Matters in Warsash. A few of the boats have changed so we put full cubes in where half cubes used to be, for extra buoyancy under the larger watercraft.

Drive on Docks at Warsash. Boatlift, Flexiport , Modular cubes

The team have their Forklift Refresher course on the 22nd of this month, and although the install teams are regularly driving it, Ciarran is not and has been doing some refresher obstacle courses with Carl in the yard, ready to blast through the course!

Forklift driving in the yard. Pallets, Modular cubes, Handrail posts, obstacle course

More recently, the team installed an 8m x 2.5m modular cube pontoon at Barnt Green Sailing Club, complete with gangway, handrails and landing plate for better access to their boats and for mooring small dinghys.

Barnt Green Sailing Club pontoon. Modular cubes, gangway, handrails, floating platform, mooring, access

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Have a wonderful weekend!