You might have seen our Monthly Offer for May our on social media (posted a little late, apologies for that) which gives you 10% off Boatlift modules, just in time for summer! We’ve had a lot of enquiries, unsurprisingly, from people wanting to get their boats out and ready for summer, but also wanting to keep them out of the water, to reduce maintenance and the wear and tear that the water brings to a boat’s hull. Many a selection of estimates have been sent for Boatlifts, Flexiports and Jetports. With Boatlift being our top of the range model, we thought it a good idea to bring the price down a little for you, make it a bit more accessible and get it out there so you can realise how good these drive on docks really are.

So, what makes the Boatlift different from the other docks? It has both rollers and wheels, all adjustable so you can arrange them in whichever way suits your boat best. It has a vessel to hold a manual or electric winch to support the launch and recovery, and unlike the other docks, the Boatlift also has a bow module to ensure support in this area.

Those are just the extras! The Boatlift can be built from 4m to 10m and with the modular cube system surrounding it, you can have as much walking space as you need. Your boat will be lifted completely out of the water, protecting your vessel from marine grout and ensuring a reduction in maintenance and more time enjoying the waves! A robust and durable dock, we are sure you won’t be disappointed with a Boatlift, especially not with the May discount! Orders must be placed and paid for by May 31st.