What a lovely week he chose to return! Having had a couple of weeks of back to back installs and deliveries all over England, non- stop phone calls, more estimates and bookings than you can shake a stick at and two days of torrential rain with a little hail thrown in, I think he chose a good time to escape for some beach time! Now he’s back, we’ve had a catch up day, Chris went up to Epping to drop off a 9m x 2m Rotodock pontoon prepped with deck supports for the decking they’re putting on, and then pick up a rental modular cube pontoon to bring it back, jetwash it and get it sparkling for the next outing it takes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the installation team has been preparing a couple of decked pontoon orders and installing a pontoon with mooring poles and brackets, complete with a ladder for easy entrance and exit on a highly fluctuating tide in the New Forest. Yet another container came in yesterday with stock that’s all booked for customers, and it looks like we’ve got rolling containers coming in now for  the next few months, which is great news, despite the intensive labour it is to unpack them! Today the boys are off to Southern Water for a check up of their Ultrasonic transducers. You can read more about Ultrasonic in our blog from March. After that, a site visit down in Southampton for a potential Flexiport install, and back home for tea, with any luck.

Don’t forget about our Monthly offer of 10% off Boatlift sections. It’s a great deal for anyone needing to keep their boat (4m to 10m) out of the water, with fully adjustable rollers and wheels for ease of launch and recovery, you’d be a fool not to take us up on this one!

We are still looking for regional retailers as well as a Warehouse and Installation Assistant, if anyone is keen to join the growing Wardle Marine family.

With that, we wish you a great weekend! May the sunshine return (it’s gone cold and cloudy here today) and you have a lovely relaxing time, socializing, sailing, boating, drifting…doing whatever you fancy really. Enjoy it, see you next week!