This month’s Monthly offer is aimed towards our rental customers, with a lovely 10% off their first two weeks rental, so long as those first two weeks are in October. While I thought about the offer, I realised that I haven’t really advertised our rentals much, so here is a blog about the rental side of Wardle Marine Services.

Our rentals at present are pontoons created with modular cubes and any accessories you may need, such as cleats, handrails, fenders etc. We are thinking about including rotodock platforms in our rentals, but that’s a thought for the future. We have had rentals going out to numerous different jobs, for bridge repairs, as platforms for divers, for window cleaners, algae control on lakes, up in the city for construction jobs, for ground testing…..and many, many more!

Our rentals are charged on a weekly basis and according to the volume of the pontoon. Of course if you need to start first thing Monday, we are very happy to drop it off and install (if needed) on Friday for you. We have delivered rental pontoons in all manner of shapes and sizes; we can create moon pools for you, double or triple stack the cubes and let them out for a number of months. We’ve just had an enquiry for a whole year of rental! Whatever your needs, and if you’re unsure about whether you need to purchase or hire, get in touch and we’ll talk you through what we can offer and the best way forward. Sometimes it will be more cost effective to purchase, but usually hiring can be an easy way to help you through a short job, enabling you to get to areas otherwise unaccessible.

Top tip….it is always a good idea to get rentals booked in as soon as you know they’ll be needed, especially through summer. This year we were inundated with rental requests and if it’s booked in, we can always amend your dates to the best of our ability, but if it’s not booked, we might not have the stock available, so it’s wise to get in quick! Winter rentals are less popular, but as with anything, an early booking means it’ll be there when you want it!

Happy weekends one and all, hopefully it won’t be too wet, but I have a feeling it might be… chocolate, duvet and sofa calling!

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