Have you heard?

There’s a new reel in town and it’s called Wardle Wednesdays!

Knowing that video is now the best marketing tool over images and text, we have begun ‘Wardle Wednesdays’ where we shall bring you updates and information on us, our products, and our whereabouts. This shall be viewed on our Instagram page, both as a reel as a post, and on Facebook. Keep an eye out for it, and you’ll gradually get introduced to the whole team as the weeks go by!

We have also been stirring up interest around the UK’s holiday parks for next year’s summer season. Having installed a huge swimming pool in a lake up in Doncaster at the beginning of 2021, we are getting out there and hoping to build a few more for you. These pools will be especially welcome in areas of multi use water, keeping the swimmers safe from any watercraft that may also be out there. If you really benefitted from the staycationers this year, why not upgrade your whole lake/river section with Jetports, Rotodock and Sunnydock too? Given that this summer didn’t really happen, it’s bound to be a cracker next year and if you’ve caught onto the wild swimming buzz, then fear not, these pools can also be built as simple walkways, allowing the fearless easier access to such areas.

With the nights drawing in, we are bringing you so much look forward to! Don’t say we never do anything for you! Have a super weekend folks.

modular cube swimming pool with handrails and ladder