You may have guessed from the title, but we had a new member of the team join us on Monday! Stuart has started as our Installation and Warehouse Assistant and got thrown in the deep end, with three very different jobs going on this week. More on them below. He seems to be coping very well, not only with the work, but also with our ‘humour’….. it actually became apparent that a couple of us knew Stuart from first and middle school as well, so no doubt many a nostalgic chat will ensue! So do shout a big ‘Welcome!’ to him should you see him, physically or vitually!

As mentioned, Stuart had three very different jobs going on this week. Monday was spent aquainting himself with our massive barn, all the stock, where things were and what they did. He comes from a construction and carpentry background, so is very used to the labour, but not so much the equipment and products used for the marine side. Once the barn was a little more familiar, he was set to work on putting together a cube pontoon (we ease you in gently here!) for a pallet delivery, which he did tremendously. I’ve got a feeling he’s going to be just fine here, solving problems, building accurately, and most importantly, not afraid to laugh at himself and others – a very important trait at WMS! He returned on Tuesday (lucky for us) and began building a Flexiport with double cube rows. On Wednesday morning, he journeyed with Chris to the RNLI in Southsea and installed it for one of their RIBs. In the afternoon the boys came back to load the van with Rotodock modules for their end of the week job on Thursday and Friday, when they drove down to Totnes Boating Association to install it. We began this job last month and put piles in place ready to install the Rotodock platform with handrails, this week. All in all, Stuart has been fantastic and we’re very much looking forward to building the business with him as an integral part.

Other than Stuart’s jobs, we have also had a collection of a 3m x 2m modular cube rental, and have another order for our fantastic Ultrasonic transducers, which will hopefully be installed next week.

So, having enjoyed the change of weather with the rain today (good for the garden!), our new employee, and ….!… I almost forgot to mention, our new uniforms …!…. it’s been a great week, and we are welcoming the summer with open arms! Have a wonderful weekend all of you, see you next week.

Rotodock with handrails and cleats for Totnes Boating Association