Happy Monday everyone!

We have just come in and been greeted with an email that’s put a big smile on all our faces. One that makes everything worth it. If you’ve ever wondered what we’re really like….

Our boating association members, had wanted a pontoon, for more than 30 years.

Despite the demand, no suitable pontoon system could be found, that suited our location or indeed, the clubs funds.

However, this was before we had come across Wardle Marine Services.

A site visit by WMS, soon identified ROTODOCK, as a suitable application, and within a year, with all the permissions in place, our pontoon was installed.

We found WMS, to be extremely professional, from both an installation and pre planning point of view.

WMS, were also able to manufacture bespoke parts for our pontoon, which were needed for our particular application.

They were also extremely competitive and fair in their pricing, which meant that finally, we were able to afford a top quality product.

In all we are delighted with our club pontoon, as well as the service that we received from WMS.


Ian House Chief Ships Husband

Totnes Boating Association


What more can we say? Thank you Ian, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with you too, it was an absolute pleasure.

Totnes install, gradual build.