This week has been all about decked pontoons for our install team. One 6m x 2m in particular, for a private customer in Cranleigh.

Our decked pontoons have been in demand recently, with summer coming, customers are keen to make the most of their aquatic areas. What better way to do this than sitting over the water sipping a cool drink as the sun shines overhead? We’ve all sat or stood on a decked pontoon at some point, either on holiday, in a hotel, on a beach or lake, or in your own private residence. But they’re one of those things that we don’t really think about aren’t they? They’re there, we relax on them and then walk away. That’s exactly what we should be doing, but did you want to know a little more about how they get there? Read on……

When you order a decked pontoon, we will always immediately think of our Rotodock modules, which create the base for it. These come in four different sizes (3m x 2m; 3m x 1.5m; 3m x 1m and 1.5m x 1m) and we can make most shapes and lengths from what we have. Then we just put the decking on top and hey presto, its all go, right?! Nope! There’s a whole lot more than meets the eye, in between the Rotodock and decking that needs to be built. Brackets are connected to the Rotodock, which in turn hold the decking support. Once these are all in place, the decking planks are carefully laid in line and slowly but accurately, screwed in place until the next plank is connected. This is a long process that takes our manufacturing team a couple of days for a  single 3m x 2m Rotodock module.

The decking you can purchase comes in three forms and prices. We supply a softwood decking at £15/plank which will last well for a couple of years, but will get slippery fairly quickly. The hardwood decking is obviously stronger and more robust than the softwood. It comes at £40/plank and will last well for a good few years before needing replacing. This is our most popular option. Our top of the range is a synthetic non slip decking that should last for about a decade before needing replacing. This is £70/plank. Obviously weather conditions and wear and tear all effect the decking’s life span, so my estimates are approximate.

I always think a decked pontoon looks smart, relaxing and so very welcoming in torrential rain or glorious sunshine, and if I had a pond or lake, it would be the first thing I add to it. Contact us for further information and an estimate if you feel the same!

(Disclaimer: The decked pontoon below is not yet finished, incase you wondered!)

Decked pontoon on Rotodock with handrails, being built.
Decked pontoon with wooden handrails, almost finished.