While the Exbury build took one carpenter member of the team away all week, to complete the decking, the others have been here, there and everywhere installing jetports, collecting rental cubes, collecting gangways, delivering Rotodock, and loading the van for a job on Monday morning. All of this as well as keeping the barn neat and tidy and ensuring we have enough stock to keep us going with all these rentals that are out.

First things first though (and a bit of a boast if I’m honest) we are very pleased to say that of all the rentals that are out (about 1100 cubes in total) we have only had 25 cubes that got battered during Storm Ciara. These were in a group of 600 in Edinburgh being used for bridge repairs. The bridge is fine, and we just needed to get 25 up there to replace those that got hit. So, I think that’s a pretty small percentage that need replacing and shows you just how robust and durable the modular cubes are. We are very proud to sell and hire them and don’t lie when we tell you how good they are!

Our first jetports of the year went out this week, nice and early. We don’t usually get requests for these until we’ve had a good period of sunshine, but this private customer is clearly fully organized and ready for summer down in Warsash. I think it’s always good to get your drive on docks ready before they will necessarily be used, because we know summer doesn’t last long and if it’s peak time they fly out of the barn, and it might be that it’s a four week lead before we can get more in. We also heard on Wednesday that a friend of the Jetport owner was so impressed with these two, he would like one too! Great news! So that will be sent over asap.

A gangway for another private client was collected on Wednesday, which just needs to be galvanized and will be ready to go for installing at the end of next week we hope. A pallet of 12 half cubes was loaded and delivered to a customer wanting to use them for floating solar panels. It’s interesting, these requests are getting more common which I think is great, as more people become conscious of our environment and are able to accommodate solar energy into their homes and offices.

A rental job of 64 modular cubes was collected on Thursday, via our regional retailer Heathland Group in Norfolk. These were used for a commercial project in Swaffham.

This morning started early for Chris as he went out at 5am to deliver a last minute order of Rotodock with deck brackets, up to a customer near Cardiff. This trade customer builds his own decking, but hadn’t done it on water before, so we supplied him with the floatation and brackets to fix to it and he’s doing the rest for his private customer. Then Chris will return to get the van loaded for a job in Canary Wharf on Monday morning.

A busy, busy week with this crazy weather going from gorgeous sunshine and blue skies to heavy rain and wind in a matter of minutes. Part of the reason I love this country!

I hope today has been filled with love for you all, and if not, just remember ‘It’s nice to be nice’, a little smile could go a long way.

Have a cosy weekend!

Exbury Gardens Rotodock decked pontoons with handrails
Exbury Gardens Rotodock decked pontoons