The beginning of the week saw the install team step back to the medieval times visiting the River Stour near Canterbury. Kent County Council asked us to install a 12m x 2m Rotodock pontoon to ease access to and from the River for a local canoe club. The team came away on Tuesday having installed all but the handrails, and on Wednesday and Thursday they split up. Some returned to Exbury Gardens to continue the decking of the hammerhead Rotodock pontoons, and some stayed at HQ to do the little (less exciting!) jobs that need to be done, such as fixing the van, tidying the barn and warehouse, and getting set for the next few jobs.

Overall, January was far busier than expected, and February is heading that way too, so fingers crossed that when we stock up for the Spring madness, we haven’t already supplied everyone!

Talking of Spring madness, we are preparing for the future months and have been discussing our stand for Seaworks 2020 (June 9th- 11th) where we will be showcasing some of our huge barrier products. We have these in stock, but they are not our bestsellers, as many people still know us just for our Rotodock and Modular Cube pontoons, so we’re hoping to get them out there, in front of the people and show you all how excellent they are! Here’s a little preview, with images below….

Wave Breaks: These are the giants! Our Wave Breaks are built with sets of red and white sections that work effectively to reduce the energy of waves coming through them. These are the barriers you need to keep a public beach area calmer, or even to protect your coastal land from the winter storms. The sections can be configured in single formations, up to an assembly of seven, and are connected together with stainless steel cables housed inside a rubber sleeve.

Security Barrier: Also large modules, these are red, PE cylinders at nearly 2m x 1m each. These are generally used as a barrier to keep boats out of a designated area. Connected with galvanized chain and clamps they are held in place with anchors and are quoted in measurements specific to your job.

Pipe Floats: As you would expect, these cylinders with a central hole will keep your pipes afloat. They come in five standard sizes, from a 220L volume and 315mm central diameter, up to 1000L volume and 560mm central diameter. Other sizes can be produced (usually with a minimum number due to tooling costs) and central sleeves can be engineered to fit your specific pipes.

Mooring Buoys: A total of nine different sizes and designs can be chosen from our range of buoys, from 50L to 2500L, from 31cm in height to 228cm high, they vary greatly, covering a wide variety of uses. They are filled with polyurethane and can be offered with hot dip galvanized metal bracket.


Of course we will have our old faithful platforms out, with a variety of handrail options, and might even have a game for you to play, but that’s a bit ‘hush hush’ and not yet confirmed, so keep it under your hat!

With that little game to think about, have a lovely weekend! Welcome Storm Ciara with open arms and hopefully she’ll pass straight by. I find the weather does that – you prepare for one thing and it does the exact opposite.

I reckon it’s about time to dust off the barbeques….?!

Wave Break, Pipe Floats, Mooring Buoys and Security Barrier