Unlike Ciara, Dennis doesn’t seem to have intervened in our pontoons. They have all survived! Although, in my opinion (being in the south east), Dennis was more of a windy and very rainy weekend, rather than a full on storm, and as our pontoons are usually happiest when wet, I feel they may have just had a lovely time and enjoyed every moment….depending on where they were, of course. The same cannot be said for my spring bulbs planted a couple of weekends ago.

Some of the team were up in Canary Wharf on Monday, installing a rental 120 modular cube pontoon with handrails, for construction firm Cousins, who were undertaking maintenance on the buildings along the canal. I hope they’ve had their waterproofs on this week!

Tuesday and Wednesday were catch up days when the team completed a variety of finishing touches to a long term installation in Exbury and we spent time updating processes that will ensure that as our team grows, we stay on top of our game and make operations and logistics smoother and more achievable for each team.

We have had metalwork collected including a huge gangway and hinge for an installation in Margate, which got installed on Thursday and today we have a lovely young gentleman from Ireland coming over to discuss the prospect of becoming a regional retailer for us. We have a few enquiries from Ireland and when we saw their Instagram page we thought they would be a great company to work with and hopefully this afternoon the collaboration will be official! More on that one later.

If you are interested in becoming a Regional Retailer for our Rotodock and Sunnydock pontoons and products, please do get in touch, we still have gaps to fill and the more accessible we are, the better prices we can do for our customers. Don’t forget that it’s not just pontoons we do either. We have security barriers, buoys, pipe floats, jetports and drive on docks to name a few. Have a browse around our website (click on some of the links above) to see the range and get in touch with any questions, we always have time for a chat!

Happy Friday! It’s nearly Spring!

modular cube pontoon with handrails at canary wharf
Decked Rotodock pontoon with bespoke spindle handrails