Once again, sorry we’re late….Last week didn’t quite end as planned…..!

We started with a bang, at the beautiful Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, installing a three tier rental modular cube system, complete with handrails, cleats and mooring. This was for CC Ground Investigations to carry out some core sampling on the lake. Access was slightly hindered meaning it didn’t go quite as quickly as it could to begin with, but once everything was in place, the boys took to building by storm and whipped up the treble layer cube system in no time at all. Then it was time to get the core sampling machine on top ready for CCGI to start work the next day. All went without a hitch and after many litres of water were drank (remember the heat last week? She says while looking out at the falling grey depression outside) we began our journey back during which many overworked muscles were rested!

Totnes hollered for Oliver on Tuesday and Wednesday and he went to visit a few clients down there and completed some site visits. The team up here, meanwhile, collected a couple of rental jobs (of which we have an astonishing amount of at present, which is great!) and took the van, complete with Rotodock platforms, gangways, custom made hinge brackets and a whole host of other bits for a job up in Rhyl, North Wales for RYA Cymru. The journey was marginally broken with a winch drop off in Chester on the way up, but once the boys got to Rhyl it was all systems go. They fired up the tanks and got on with installing a 6m x 3m Rotodock platform with a gangway, handrails and moorings over Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday was Friday. Oliver was back, the boys spent most of it driving back and exciting weekend plans called us through to the end of day. I hope your weekends were just as fruitful and Monday didn’t arrive too quickly!

Three tier modular cubes at Blenheim Palace
Rhyl Rotodock