Firstly, I hope you are all well following the passing of Storm Brendan. I hope you all still have your belongings and no-one has been set adrift or stranded. It feels like this rain has been here so long. I know we’ve had a few dry days, but I can’t help feeling like it hasn’t stopped raining in one way or another since August. Mind you, I have family in Australia that have been evacuated and I’ll take the rain over that any day. Luckily the wind changed direction so they and their house are fine.

It will come as no surprise that our install teams have been less than dry in their jobs this week, much to their joy, and I believe have had a total of about 8 changes of clothes. Monday gave some of the boys a trip to Uckfield to collect a number of rental modular cubes, while the others stayed in the yard jetwashing an absolute shocker of a Rotodock rental that came back from Langport last week. Absolutely covered in mud! A set of four pontoons with gangways and railings that really needed TLC!

Torridge District Council came next, Tuesday evening to Friday. This was quite a job. A barrier was needed to stop people mooring on a specific wall, so we took nine large yellow buoys, with five smaller buoys (to sit in between) and a lot of chain, to create a ‘No Moorings’ barrier in front of said wall. The team had to wait for high tide, so there were a few early mornings, but balanced with (very) early finishes, so they’re not complaining! They set up their working platform (black modular cubes with handrails) and gradually set afloat each buoy on the chain, working steadily along the line. A few more images can be seen on our Instagram and facebook accounts, if you’re keen! Buoys are not a common request here, so it was good to get something a bit different. Please get in touch if you have a similar requirement, but if you could ask during a week of sunshine, I think the boys would appreciate it….!

Back at base we gazed out at the grey skies and falling rain, continued to get more estimates out to you all, answered emails and prepared for the upcoming jobs, trying to fit in the last minute requests where we could. Hot chocolate has very much been on the agenda, but it’s January, so the cakes were not so forthcoming as last month. Shame…..

Please do ask if there’s anything we can help with on your latest project or idea. We are very happy to have a chat and give advice without asking you to commit to anything!

Enjoy your weekends all! I’m off for a late birthday surprise tomorrow…very exciting!

Torridge marker buoys and signs for No Moorings