The boys got muddy this week. Not just dog walk-bit-of-mud-on-my-trousers muddy, but head to toe, need-to-wash-everything-I’m-wearing covered! This all happened down in Langport. Four Rotodock pontoons went in to the River Parrett  back in early summer, to increase public access for the various water activities down there, and they were due to come out at the end of last year, but of course, it was flooded, so we waited…… and waited….. and the rain kept coming, so we waited a little longer, then finally we were given the all clear and barrelled down there this week to get them out, give them a clean off and prepare them to be put back in this coming Spring. Well, the team got more than they bargained for. Yes, the water wasn’t so high, but what was left was all of the glorious mud! You’ll see from photos that it just got everywhere! Nothing deters them though and they heaved the pontoons out, disconnected them, loaded the truck and back they came. As you can imagine, that wasn’t a day job and they were back and forth Tuesday to Thursday this week, and today they jetwash. So around about now the yard will no doubt be looking ‘spectactular’!

In other news, Oliver undertook several client and supplier visits journeying down to the coast and into London to discuss business and keep us growing. Chris went to collect a modular cube rental from Chiswick that had been used for Christmas decorations, while the others built a 3m x 2m ex rental modular cube platform with metal handrails and a small opening for access, which was then collected by our regional retailer Heathland Group on Thursday and taken to Taunton.

Rotodock and Modular Cubes are still our number one sellers, but as the year goes on and your boats get back out on the water, I’ve no doubt the Jetports and Drive on Docks will come back into favour. Speaking of which, if you missed one of my last posts, you won’t know that just before Christmas we became a UK distributor for High and Dry Boatlifts! This was very exciting for us as we’d had a few enquiries over the last few years from people who needed a Drive on Dock, but our current Boatlift and Flexiport weren’t quite right (usually due to size) for them. When we found High and Dry, we realised we found what we were looking for and immediately enquired about distribution. Have a look at their site (we are working on adding them to ours at present) and see for yourself what innovative and aesthetic models these Drive on Docks are. We are certainly very proud of them and hope you will enjoy them too!

It’s been varied and full for a first week back in January. This time last year we were definitely quieter, which is a great sign of continuing teamwork and workmanship by all of us and our contractors. We have more jobs booked in throughout winter and early Spring, but still have time and stock for more, so if you should need an installation or pontoon delivery, give us a call and discuss your options. We’re always happy to hear from you and with another container due in next week, we’ll be full of stock ready to build for you!

I hope your first week’s back have been just as eventful, and a lot less muddy!

Happy weekend all!

3m x 2m modular cube pontoon with metal handrails
High and Dry Boatlift