Well this has been an exciting few weeks. Never a dull moment!

After the fortnight of decked pontoons we did back in the first couple of weeks of September, we’ve delivered and installed eight Jetports, delivered Rotodock modules, been on numerous site visits from Plymouth to Shepperton, sent out two trucks to our Irish distributor, Pontoons Ireland, we’ve had four (no less!) containers come in, filled to the brim with stock for upcoming jobs, and as they were delayed, some of the stock was sent straight out. Half of it though, was used for a huge, very exciting job in Doncaster…..

Back before lockdown we were approached about installing a swimming pool on a lake. A big one, of nearly 1500 cubes. It wasn’t something we had done before, but knew it was possible, because anything is possible, right?! After a little research with hints and tips from our manufacturer (who had built one before), the boss planned the logistics and orders and waited for lockdown to end. Ideas were changed, extra parts were advised and finally, the orders went in. But Covid isn’t one to give up easily is it, so of course containers were delayed, other jobs had to be reorganized, but eventually our teams were on the road, up to Doncaster Culture and Leisure Trust, with two big artics of stock and a whole heap of inspiring attitude. Whenever a new job is undertaken, there will always be issues and niggles to iron out and this was no different, but with their wealth of experience (Approx. 25 years between them) the team were able to overcome these little disruptions and continue building. We are hoping to have a time lapse video from a couple of the days to show you on our social media pages quite soon. One of the men invested in a GoPro and is currently downloading what he captured for us. As the site is used over the weekends for socially distanced group projects, the teams retuned home last night and will return to complete the project in a few weeks. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for photos and videos of the project so far!

The whole WMS team are all very glad for the upcoming weekend and with the predicted weather, I can’t think of a better time to curl up on the couch and listen to the rain.

Enjoy your weekends, one and all!

800 modular cubes for swimming pool
modular cubes ready for Doncaster swimming pool
modular cubes and handrails as swimming pool