Hello again! How time flies and I haven’t been updating you, apologies. It’s been busy, busier than expected, but we’re not complaining at all. Given the circumstances, we’re very happy with this picture. The boys have been concentrating on decking this week. Two different pontoons, both for private clients. One 3x2m with a gangway, all in beautiful hardwood balau decking, complimented with LED solar lights. The other is a 3x2m and gangway again, with balau decking and handcut spindles for the handrail edging. The latter is being built on site and the former in the yard so I’m able to keep up to date with their progress and watch it coming along, which I always enjoy! The team put a lot of hard work into the decked pontoons and they always look terrific, so if you’re thinking about adding one to your landscape, give us a shout and get the ball rolling!

Last week was a slightly different story. While the office team welcomed Autumn at HQ, the install team were out in Abersoch, Wales, removing a huge cube security barrier for a private client. It had been towed in to shore, so they just had to wait for low tide to dismantle it, then it was pulled away to a local farm for winter storage. It was great weather up there and the boys were working on the beach for a majority of the time, so it was almost a mini holiday! I jest, I know they work hard up there and with all the ‘new’ restrictions in place, it takes a while to understand the surroundings and how different areas are reacting. It was all completed within the deadline, so I know (having done it myself a few years back) that they would have pulled out all the stops to ensure that before the tide came back in each day, they were at a good point in the proceedings.

While the team were out, the office phone barely stopped and enquiries came through thick and fast to keep us in the office busy and we couldn’t be more grateful. With four containers of stock due in over the next two weeks, we’ve got our work cut out for us and at the moment, it’s all about making hay while the sun shines isn’t it?

I hope you’ve all had similarly productive weeks and aren’t shivering too much with the Autumnal chills coming through. Have a wonderful weekend, see you soon!

decked pontoon details with balau, LED solar lights, rope handrails.