Another full week for us all. On Monday and Tuesday the install team were down in Haslar Marina, Warsash and Poole, delivering and installing one of our brand new (not even on the website yet!) ‘Jetport Flexi’s, a modular Jetport which will accommodate a change in length of ski and allow you to simply purchase a new module, rather than an entire dock; installing a Jetport Plus, which needed to be towed into position at high tide; adding parts to a Flexiport and creating a hybrid Drive on Dock by removing the last three sections of a Flexiport and replacing them with a Boatlift entrance. If you’re not familiar with our Drive on Dock systems, have a look on our website here.

From Wednesday they returned to Doncaster to complete part two of the swimming pool installation. The huge 20m x 10m base was built one cube by one, after overcoming an issue with air pressure inside the cubes, which meant rather than building it in slabs, all 800 cubes were taken apart and connected individually. It is now ready for the divers to go up next week and sink it to the required level, before attaching it all together to complete the project. It’s an exciting one and we’re really happy to have been a part of it so far.

In the office, more bookings were made and it feels as though people are extending summer this year having missed out earlier on due to lockdown, with Jetports still being sold to areas usually reserved for holiday makers. We’re not unhappy about this at all and we’re very grateful for such a good team to keep us going when times are tough. Speaking of good teams, our distributor over in Ireland has had a great week, installing their first Rotodock, and what a great primary project – a 12m x 2m with a 6m x 2m hammerhead, complete with piling, cleats, fenders, corner gussets, handrails and extra floatation modules. See more in the images below.

Next week the third and final installment of Doncaster shall begin, a few meetings and site visits are booked in and hopefully we’ll still be getting enquiries to keep the office team busy.

Have a wonderful weekend, I believe we are due some sunshine!

modular cubes, sunnydock, building a swimming pool in Doncaster.
Pontoons Ireland Rotodock install. Loch Erne
Pontoon Ireland Rotodock install, Loch Erne