The week began with a trip to Norwich to undertake a site visit for an upcoming job for Natural England, and for a meeting with the team at Heathland Group, our distributor in that area. A long, but successful and fulfilling day for our MD Oliver.

An exciting day on Tuesday for Ciarran, going to meet Dan and the team at Marina Boats in Southampton. They build incredibly beautiful houseboats and the hulls and bases they use are perfect for some of our customers who ask about purchasing a pontoon in order to build an outdoor office/shed/quiet space. We get a few enquiries about putting buildings on our pontoons and although the systems we have are perfectly good for this, Marina Boat’s are more stable and robust for this use. Please do ask if you have ideas in the pipeline, we’ll be only too happy to help you finalise your project.

Mid week was spent up in Chester with a returning customer who had watched the river outside his home rising and almost lifting his drive on dock over the piles he had. The water had also lifted up the steps to the gangway on his decked pontoon, so he needed taller piling to ensure his dock wouldn’t float away with rising water levels and he could still access his decked pontoon. With the winter months and bad weather coming through, he thought it best to do this sooner rather than later! The install team were up there on Wednesday and Thursday driving piles in and realigning the gangway with the new steps.

It’s been busy and productive for all of us, but alas, not so much for one of our office dogs, Amos. After minor surgery, he refused to keep his bandages on and the clever young boy kept tearing them off, so it was Collar of Shame time and thus, we had heard his every movement as he bashed into various pieces of furniture and peoples legs….but we love him just the same and it shouldn’t be too long before he can be ‘naked’ again…so long as he stops rubbing and licking his wounds!

Have a wonderful weekend, here’s hoping for some spooky happenings and buckets of sweets!

piling chester for decked pontoon and drive on dock
amos office dog