August is usually the quiet month with everyone being away, and this year it has fluctuated. We had a really busy first couple of weeks and now we are able to breath again. Still more than enough to keep us busy, but we have time to talk, have a cuppa and manufacture ten new T bars too! As a small company, we believe it’s important to talk and keep updated with each other. Especially at the moment while we’re all waiting for the possible second wave, and after six months, things are still so uncertain.

I’m sure you’ve all felt the effects of work life changing so drastically. Either you’re now working from home, which was a huge upheaval in the beginning, and maybe now you’re used to it, or things in the office have changed and cleaning has become the most important part of your working day. Here at HQ, we have bleach and sanitizer on each surface, and the desks now have dividers. The install teams clean down the trucks and equipment after every job and we have hand cream in every drawer to keep our hands silky with all the washing they’re getting. Desks are cleaned down every day and the boys now wash their own PPE and wear gloves and masks if they will ever be in close proximity to others on site. Daily life has changed somewhat and getting used to it has been a thread of constant nudges from my conscience ‘wash your hands now’, ‘wipe down the table’, sanitise before you go to the warehouse’, ‘remember your mask!’. We have all adapted with the times, as I’m sure you all have, some easier than others. For some it is a struggle and a change of routine can upend the most prominent plans. Together we can talk it through and as a team, we’ve adapted to ‘the new normal’ well. It’s great to hear from kind customers who have praised our team for going above and beyond their expectations in these challenging times.

We do hope you have all got used to the adaptations in your respective workplaces and keep working as a strong team together. We are thinking of you all and watching for the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep Safe all of you and have a wonderful weekend.

T bars metalwork