We have sent pallets and trucks out on their deliveries this week, but we have also been preparing for the weeks ahead, with many orders on their way out in the next few weeks. We are getting ahead of our game while trying to sort space in the barn for yet another couple of containers of Rotodock and Sunnydock products. While we have about 700 cubes going out in the coming weeks that need to be replaced with the next container, and about 1300 out in rentals that will be returned simultaneously. That’s a lot of cubes in one barn! Organisation is key and our expansion is testing our skills (and occasionally our patience!) with our ever growing stock movements.

Our modular cubes are probably our most popular product due to their flexibility both on the rougher water and in creation. The ease of movement, assembly and disassembly, make them a bit of a dream product. We have so much recurring business with these, we can only assume that our customers feel the same. They are so easy to put together, with a simple pin holding them in place, and a screw and nut fixture to keep them tight around the edge. Obviously other accessories can be added at your request. We have various cleats, ladders, fenders, handrails, gangways and brackets that can all be added to a modular cube pontoon for your custom design. All the accessories are easily fixed in place with the installation tools required. A T-bar will twist the pins into and out of place, and a castle wrench will help tighten the screw and nut fittings.  Each cube is 500mm width and length, with a depth of 400mm. The modular cube pontoons can be arranged in whichever way suits your needs, even with a moon pool for drilling poles, or gaps on the edge to fit around current piling. They are so versatile for specific needs and bespoke jobs, it is easy to see why so many customers come back to them time and time again. This week we received our first container of cubes that were brandishing our logo – see picture above – which is a very exciting step up for us!

Please ask if you have any questions about cubes. They are extremely easy to install yourself and if you have a couple of friends to help you move larger pontoons, you’ll be absolutely fine!

Enjoy the southern rain this weekend folks, I’m off to a barbeque tomorrow (seriously) so that will be fun – embracing the ‘Good Old British Summer’ !

Modular Cubes on the truck for delivery