A lot of this week has been spent in Wales, constructing a huge modular cube pontoon for a private customer and attaching no less than 36 anchors to it! The team descended on a little Welsh fishing village on Sunday night and Monday morning, and began work immediately. The huge pontoon was removed from the water before the Winter storms hit and now is the time to get back out there; check it over, change it around (as per the customers’ requirements) and tow it back out to site. This is no easy feat. Sometimes, all can go smoothly and its just hard labour sorting it all out, and other times things can go wrong at every possible turn and it all takes far longer than expected, but that’s life eh?! Luckily this time was somewhere in between. Overall, it went very well, all completed in the time specified with a happy customer, but of course there were a few niggles along the route. Having towed the pontoon out, and sunk the 36 (!!) anchors, the team were back on shore late yesterday evening and very much ready for ‘a swift half’, shall we say!

Back at base phone calls were taken, estimates sent out left right and centre and as Chris got back on Wednesday night, he and Stuart went and installed a rental modular cube bridge pontoon with handrails and gangways up in Egham on Thursday. This was to allow pedestrians to cross a small river adjoining their estate. The boys built a staggered pontoon to wind its way across, with safety handrails along the sides and a couple of gangways at either end. We received a fantastic email when the boys had finished which made us proud – see below – well done Chris and Stuart!

‘Just a quick note to say that the guys who came to install today were great, really helpful, very professional and the pontoon bridge is ideal.
Thank you so much for making this so easy for us.’

Colin Brooke – Egham Lettings

Always nice to finish the week on a high!

As I haven’t mentioned them for a while, and incase you’re interested, the dogs are doing well! Amos has been in Wales, swimming and running around the beach all week, despite the sore limbs he gets the day after so much exercise; and Jesse has been bored stiff in the office without her playmate…although she did have a friend over when she was ‘working from home’, so I think that helped her mental state!

Have a wonderful weekend, lets hope the rain from the north doesn’t come down!

Modular Cube bridge pontoon
Abersoch cube pontoon in situ