Monday bought a container of ours to dock, so once that has passed customs, been checked over and made it’s way to us next week, we’ll be unloading that. The boys have been trying to fix the forklift and tractor. Fingers crossed for new ones soon! Gearing up for a busy week next week, when one job requires a bespoke rudder frame and drum holder, so Chris and Oliver have been harbouring away in the workshop ensuring that they are exactly to the client’s requirements. Chris has been down in Southampton and Poole collecting some rental items and checking the systems down there. We have been preparing for a busy Spring/Summer season and trying to spread the workload a little, ensuring a smooth season throughout. The phone has been taking more bookings and enquiries for both rental and hire equipment, we’ve been getting press releases out and organizing our next monthly offer for March – watch this space!

So, this was a week of preparation. But, as we have our February offer on at the moment…. 10% off a 5m x 3m Flexiport until February 28th….. we thought it might be a good idea to tell you a little about Flexiports; how they fit together, what they’re good for, etc.

Flexiports are one of three drive on docks that we sell. They differ from the others by having central sections of half a meter in depth that can be positioned throughout the dock filling every central gap, or every other. To decide the placement of sections, generally depends on the seabed and budget. One entrance section is attached to the end of the port, which has a gradual slant allowing for ease of landing and launch. The sections have central rollers that cannot be adjusted and are better for flat hulls. They are surrounded by cubes, so the total system can be as wide as you need it, by simply adding further cubes. The Flexiports don’t come with a bow section, but one can be added if needed, in the same way that we wouldn’t recommend using the Flexiport for boats longer than 10m, but we can create hybrid models to suit your particular requirements. The central sections and cubes are all made from HDPE (High Density Polyethlene), are extremely robust and durable, and used in marinas, harbours and private lakes throughout the world.

If you have any questions about Flexiports, or anything else, please do give us a call or send an email. We’re always happy to hear from you! Don’t forget we are also on facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Have a fantastic weekend one and all!