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We offer  a wide selection of boats from Plastic hulls to Ribs and Inflatables, so whatever your requirements we will have something for you.

Plastic Boats


Our most popular sizes are listed below – Other sizes available upon request.


We stock the full Vanguard range – Please contact us for more information.

Excel Vanguard Inflatables

 The Vangaurd range is the optimum balance of practicality and portability, well suited to mobile Search and Rescue Teams or Quick-Response Divers. This range of inflatable can transport from 5-18 personnel depending on model and up to 2000kg load capacity. These versatile crafts, sectioned Aluminium deck are ideal for Search & Rescue Teams, Diving Clubs or as a Patrol/Safety boat for any water-based mission. They prove to be as popular performing as recreational craft including watersports and higher performance requirements. Packing into two storage bags they can be transported in various Vehicles, Motorhomes, Caravans etc. We are able to package any brand of outboard engine with this boat as required for either commercial or pleasure use.

CE Category C, 5-18 Person Capacity, Max Load Capacity 680-2000kg, Max. motor power 11KW/15Hp-27.5KW/50Hp, Max. tube pressure Infl 0.25Bar, Tube diameter 42cm-63cm model dependant

Standard Features
High Pressure Keel, Bow Handle, Carrying Handles, Rubbing Strake Fender, Sectioned Aluminium Floor, Oars, Oar Locks, Carrying Bag, Self Bailer, Inflation Hand-Pump, Repair Kit, Inflate/Deflate Valve, Thwart, Pressure Relief Valve

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