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Pontoons for your private use

The most popular type of private use pontoon is usually for use on a private mooring or lake. In these instances, generally the Rotodock system is your perfect answer. It is a large unit, providing more stability than the modular cube system and with a sandblasted, anti-slip surface, it comes into its own for these projects. The cubes are great for rougher waters where their flexibility allows the pontoon to ride with the waves, without compromising the structure. Both Rotodock and the cubes can have galvanised steel mounting brackets attached in order to provide decking and complete the aesthetic.

The Rotodock is an LDPE floatation unit which is rotationally moulded from UV stabilised Low Density Polyethylene. This produces a single shell which is robust, durable and resistant to oil and chemicals. The floats are filled with polyurethane or polystyrene and can be added to mooring or fixing points to suit your application including; hinges, ramp fixings, anchor plates, service channels, cleats, rubbing strakes etc. The Rotodock is best on calmer waters as, being larger single units, it doesn’t have the flexibility that the modular cubes offer. It does however provide more stability.

Modular Cubes:
The modular cube system consists of HDPE (high density polyethylene) cubes that link together using a connection pin. They are incredibly robust, durable and versatile, making them a great option for a private pontoon. We can make them in virtually any shape and size, and we can also add or remove cubes if your requirements change in the future. The cubes can be used for both temporary and permanent installations, are able to withstand years of environmental wear and tear and don’t require any regular maintenance.

As well as stocking a wide variety of accessories including cleats, handrails, bathing ladders, and mooring accessories we can also manufacture any project-specific items in our in-house CNC machine shop, ensuring we can complete your project to bespoke specifications.
We offer a number of decking options for both systems including: Pressure Treated Softwood, Pressure Treated Hardwood, Fibreglass Gratings, Aluminium Checker Plate, Millboard Synthetic Decking, Dura Synthetic Decking, plus other specialist coverings.

Private Applications

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Unrivalled stability and a wide range of accessories make RotoDock ideal for flat water locations.

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Drive On

A wide range of docks to keep all watercraft out of the water, from jetskis to 10m ribs.

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Seaflex is the original reinforced elastic mooring system.

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We stock a variety of commercial equipment, including Pipe Floaters, Wave Breakers and Safety Barriers.