Hello all, I hope you’ve had a good week and haven’t been blown or swept away by this stormy start to Spring. You may have noticed on social media that we’re hiring, so I thought I would do a blog post about the fantastic team that you could be joining.

Firstly, so you know, we are looking for someone to join our installation team. It’s physically demanding work, with summer being our peak time, but you’ll get to journey around the UK, work outside, spend nights away and be a part of a friendly, hard working team who’s business is growing steadily. An engineering or construction background would be beneficial, but training will be given. For more information, please email sales@wardlemarineservices , or if you like what you read and are keen to get going, send your CV in to the same address.

So, this ‘friendly, hard working team’….who are they? The four full timers are:

Oliver is the Boss, he graduated from Portsmouth University in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, and has always been an outdoor type. He worked in marine business for a few years before setting up his own company in 2007. He has a black labrador called Amos who is probably the most chilled out dog you will ever meet. Nerys grew up in Caenarfon, Wales just next door to Snowdon, so naturally enjoys the outdoors, but prefers the warmer climes. Nerys is a healthy eater (and educator) and does the finance and HR side for the business. She keeps us all in check, thankfully! Chris trained as a mechanical engineer and worked in a garage in Rushmoor before going to live in Australia for three years. He returned in 2016 and came to work for WMS as our top installation engineer. Chris has an incredible memory for random facts and will answer 90% of the questions in the local pub quiz, correctly. Ciarran is the most recent member of the team, having joined in August 2018 as a Sales and Marketing Manager. With a background in travel photography and advertising delivery, she is learning all about boats and marine business as we go. She enjoys a jog with her boxer, Jesse, who is a bit bonkers, but is calming down slowly. Oliver, Chris and Ciarran grew up around Surrey and Hampshire, so know the area well. Banter is rife on a daily basis, but we are pretty respectful of each other and we’ll often enjoy an end of week drink together. With a bit of hard work thrown in, we see ourselves moving forward in a positive, encouraging and competitive environment.

Do you think you would be happy with us? We’re a pretty awesome bunch really, if I do say so myself, and if you have a slightly off beat sense of humour, you’d probably fit right in!